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Under the Covers — Episode 24


Under the Covers — Episode 24

Sean Wright

In which your heroes get that good time feel running hot under the covers with the sultry and sophisticated sounds of Miss Nina Simone. Did anyone do it better? We think not... unless you think it was better as part of a fabric conditioner commercial. Muse rock it up, but do they capture the essence of "Feeling Good"? It's really up to you, dear listener. Then we descend into the realms of domestics... and decide that maybe we should call the whole thing off. Ella and Louis... what a duet. Can it be outdone... can it be outshone? Willie Nelson has had a stab at it with Cyndi Lauper in tow. More arguments abound, including interjections from our international audience at Sean's mistaking Sleepless in Seattle with When Harry Met Sally. Seriously murky waters. Almost as murky as playing a folk song that is 190 years old. Plenty of disagreements flow until his Bobness descends to bring peace to the treacherous waters of Lake Burley Griffin.